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As a company we have nothing to hide. We genuinely think we have the best all-round tipsters in game. The results speak for themselves and so do the reviews customers are leaving us.

We are constantly encouraging 3rd party sites to review us and have been reviewed by Tipsters Review and other top review sites. We are in contact with other sites on a regular basis as we just want the world to know about our amazing tipsters.

The Frankel of Tipping services

“I have been a customer of Tipsters Empire since they formed and have nothing but positive things to say. The service received for a paid tipster is absolutely exemplary and the results from the guys providing the tips are pretty exceptional too. There are none of the typical fraudulent acts of using affiliate sign-up bonuses, copy/pasting tips from other sites or lack of visibility from the service provider. What you get with your subscription is comprehensive content and justification behind selections, responsive customer service and value adds in the form of podcasts, blogs and social media engagement. Given this organisation might still be considered in it’s infancy I can only see the service improving further as the customer base grows. Anyone who wants a great opportunity to make some good money from genuine industry experts needs to sign up with Tipsters Empire right away!”

Architect Tips Reviews

We receive so much praise for Architect, here’s some of the chosen pieces…

Architect tips has been a service that I have been a full member for the last two months. I trailed it for a month and I was quietly impressed having tried others, not so impressed. I recommend this tipster to everyone that likes nice write ups and nice price winners, not just the really short prices winner that don’t always come in. 5 out of 5, keep up the good work.

Pip Langdown

I have only been with The Architect since the 3rd April 2017 and his performance to date has been superb. I was told about the Tipsters Empire by a couple of the people I work with, and I am very pleased that I joined up.


I have been a member of Architect Tips for a number of months and have found it to be a very successful betting service.

You get a full write up on the selections and they are a variety of prices, certainly not all short priced favourites, and then a summary the following day of how the selections ran.
A very good service that I would certainly recommend.

Alan Fahy

Great in depth analysis of each tip & good great results, would definitely recommend.

Phil Dean

Only been with this tipster a few weeks but so far has doubled my bank and paid for my subscription! This guy knows his stuff and you can see in the write ups each day. Long may it continue!


Been following Architect’s tips for a few months now. Like the detailed explanation for each bet and the ROI is worth the investment. I would certainly recommend Architect.


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