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The figures speak for themselves

£507 profit since starting to £10 stakes
£1,014 profit since starting to £20 stakes
£2,535 profit since starting to £50 stakes
£5,070 profit since starting to £100 stakes

* starting with a £1,000 bank on £10 stakes.

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The table shows how much your bank balance would have grown by, at the end of each month, whilst using £10 stakes.

Profit since May ’17


£10 stakes

Average monthly profit


£10 stakes

Profit since June ’15


£50 stakes

Average monthly profit


£50 stakes

Strike rate


Includes each way and win

Return on investment


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Who is Speedbreed?

Find out more about our speed rating specialist horse tipster

Speedbreed uses statistical analysis to provide horse racing winners at good prices. Statistics are a lifelong passion of his. Speedbreed has found that horse race results can be successfully predicted from a variety of key performance numbers, the importance of which are unique to each individual race.

The majority of his tips are for UK Flat and All Weather racing, with occasional jumps racing tips. Getting on at the right price is the key to staying ahead in this game. Tips are level stakes, win or each way single bets and there are usually tips every day. However, there will be days when no bets will be advised if the racing is deemed to be poor value. Tips are sent usually between 8am and 10am each day.

A few words from the man himself
Unfortunately, write ups about the selections will not be provided as I believe my method is somewhat unique and I do not wish to reveal the proverbial golden goose within a written analysis but a review of the previous days results will be provided.

However, rest assured, hours of painstaking analysis is taking place each day to provide you with a consistent level of profitable return on your investment.

As this is gambling obviously not every tip wins, you will need to have a betting bank which you will need to manage yourself at a level that’s comfortable for you. I advise level stakes betting and not risking more than 3% of your bank in a single bet. Multiple bets can be placed at your own discretion but unless advised, are to be avoided.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and let’s make some money together!

Need to know more about the service in general?

A few frequently asked questions

What time are selections sent out?

Generally between 6pm – 8pm each night.

How can I access selections?

We send a text message with the tips attached. From the text message a link is attached to our log in area, where you enter your own unique log in to read the write up on why each selection has been made.

Do I have to log in each night?

No, by sending a text message we are giving you the option. You can put the bets on quickly and efficiently from the text.

What Betting Bank is needed?

100 points is the recommended start for your betting bank. If you use £5 per point – £500 betting bank, £10 per point – £1,000 betting bank and so on.

Once your betting bank increases by 50 points you increase your bet by 50%. £5 becomes £7.50, £10 becomes £15 and so on.

Once you are a paying member you will have access to his full staking plan which is explained in detail.

Is payment recurring?
No. We chose to not set payments to automatically recur. Instead you will always receive a reminder 5 days before, and the day before, your subscription expires via your chosen email address.
I need more information about the service.

We are more than happy to answer further questions you have if you contact us.

What his followers say

Here are some of the chosen pieces of feedback received for Speedbreed…

I’ve been with Speedbreed for a while now and whilst there are ups and downs, as there are will all tipsters, his service is really good. I’m in profit and that’s what counts. D Brown

The thing I like about Speedbreed is that he doesn’t just tip for the sake of it and the horses are usually in the mix of it even if they don’t win. I’m confident that I’ll keep earning profit by following him. Roger Taylor

I’ve never understood the speed ratings, so I’m glad someone does and puts it to good use! My betting bank is looking far healthier thanks to Speedbreed. Keep up the good work! B Hancock

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