The Best Tipsters In The Industry

We have been live now for nearly 2 years and I often say we have the best group of tipsters in the industry.

I will back the tipsters I employ 100% against any other tipsters in the business.

They go by the name of DG Tips, The Snout, Architect Tips and Speedbreed.

All make huge profits consistently and all tipsters only stake 0.5 pts e/w and 1 pt win bets.

You won’t see inflated profit from an accumulator landing once a year, what you will see is consistent profit month in month out.


Why are they the best?

Let’s start by looking at the 30 days where the form of all 4 tipsters has been nothing but ‘Genius’ like tipping.

Over the last 30 days here is what the tipsters have made:

(Time Of Writing 21st August)

DG Tips = 62 points profit

Architect Tips = 35 points profit

Speedbreed = 24 points profit

The Snout = 22 points profit

Combined Total of 143 points profit.


Some of our customers are signed up to all 4 tipsters and have just enjoyed 143 points profit from single bets.


From £10 single bets that is £1430 profit in just 30 days. That is a full time wage and if you take away the subscription charge of £30 each month, that is still £1310 clear profit. ‘Genius’ like tipping as I have mentioned.


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What about long term, how do I know this is not just a lucky month?

Now don’t get me started on long term profit. These boys have been doing it consistently long term, some of them over 2 years. They are all the real deal. We have the results on the website and everything is recorded. We pay to have our results verified by a 3rd party also.

Our tipsters provide full analysis on every selection on why they fancy the chances of each horse. They even re-cap the previous day’s action, winners and losers.

You can also check our blog area where you can read some brilliant articles written by the boys, again showing off the talent that they have.


What profit have they made long term?

The profit made long term shows just how good they are:

DG TIPS – 599 points profit since 13th June 2015

THE SNOUT – 394 points profit since 5th June 2015

ARCHITECT TIPS – 318 points profit since 22nd April 2016

SPEEDBREED – 81 points profit since 2nd May 2017


That is a combined total of 1392 points profit across the board.

Absolutely sublime tipping. 

Some are subscribed to all tipsters and if you put £10 stakes on all bets in the 2 years you would be a whopping £13,920 in profit.



The evidence is in black in white, all results are recorded and all tips are verified.

We obviously want you to join our service lets not beat around the bush but we also want you to benefit like so many others are.

We are growing rapidly and I don’t think it will be that long before we have a waiting list.

Tipsters Empire has made a serious name within the industry in a short space of time and that is down to the hard work of the tipsters and the staff behind the scenes.

We want to be the best and the results pretty much confirm that.

Don’t miss out and simply join a trustworthy, profitable service who beat the bookies consistently.

Kind Regards

James Walsh


Tipsters Empire 


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