Steady profit to end 2016

The curtain closes on 2016 and the month was a bumpy ride in which all tipsters were dealt a number of tough hands but ultimately as a team came out on top with only 1 tipster making a loss for the month of December.

A number of cruel photo finishes seemed to transpire again us, not least The Snout, but we still managed to pull out 42 points profit, a modest profit, but a profit regardless.

DG Tips overcame a very awkward start to the month to come good as the month wore on and although he couldn’t match the 90+ points profit of last December he came away with a highly respectable 27 points profit – beating his first target for the month he gave members and a total that seemed unlikely at the mid way point of December

The Tower was impressive over Christmas with some lovely winners to come away with 8 Christmas Winners and 16 points profit for the month.

Tipster of the Month goes to the aforementioned DG Tips – perhaps a fitting way to end 2016 with our only tipster over 500 points profit claiming the prize.

Onwards to 2017!


DG Tips – A month of two halves for DG Tips. Before Christmas it seemed a small loss was becoming more of an inevitability than a possibility but as always our lad struck back, and how!

The turning point you feel, was Picansort, winning at 14/1 and from there followed 16/1, 10/1, 8/1 and 7/1 winners leaving DG Tips members in the black for December and ending a truly memorable year with a nice landmark broken – the 500 points barrier which he flirted with before.

A top class first full year at Tipsters Empire complete and you know there is plenty more to come!

The Tower – Christmas was the key for The Tower and his members! A cracking Festival which included not over 20 points profit including a 14/1 winner.

A profitable month to end a topsy turvy year for Tower Members! A very impressive December saw a brilliant 20 winners and at one point he looked set for Tipster of the Month – it’s coming that’s for sure.

The next target for The Tower is to break that 200 points barrier and it can’t be too far off given this form!

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The Snout  There’s always a tipster each month who is flat out of luck each calendar month – The Snout is that man this month.

In truth considering the amount of photos we were on the wrong side of, coupled with close calls, he deserves big credit for making a small profit for his members (4 points). Many tipsters would’ve buckled and losses would’ve ensued. Not this man

12/1 and 10/1 2nds were just a couple of the cruel blows dealt, the place money little consolation it felt! The key was patience however, and the big winner of the month came right at the death. THELIGNY was a 16/1 winner to turn the month around and save a lose but 2016 will be looked back on with huge fondness with the war most definitely won!

A cracking year in general and with over 300 points profit to boast about, he’ll be back firing in 2017 make no mistake.

Architect Tips – 6 consecutive months of profit came to end 2016. Architect Tips managed to save what looked like a certain loss to break even for the month.

It’s all been a bed of roses for Architect Tips since we took him on back in August with profitable month after profitable month but luck ran out in December much like The Snout.

After a tough and luckless start to December, Architect produced a late run of form to save the month just edge a tiny profit with a single point. 12/1 winner Electric Concorde was a particular highlight over the festive period.

Architect moves into his 1st full calendar year with us now and we are expecting big things!

The Jumps Punter – Steady progress from The Jumps Punter to end 2016 despite a small loss – very fine margins in a tight December.

After a run of 6 consecutive winners in November that form continued with consistency personified in December and although no huge priced winners (5/1 the biggest) – his steady building of the bank is there for all to see with an impressive proofing graph that is only damaged by one tough month.

A tipster to follow as he continues to bring his members consistent profit all year round.

December Winners

Theligny – 16/1 – Forceful Appeal – 16/1
Noble Endeavour – 14/1 – Picansort – 14/1

Electric Concorde – 12/1 – Shantou Bob – 10/1 – Vieux Lion Rouge – 11/1 & 9/1
Al Khan – 9/1 – Skidby Mill – 8/1
As De Mee – 8/1 – Captain Lars – 8/1 – Whisper – 7/1
Realize – 7/1 – Spring Loaded – 7/1 – Gracious John – 6/1
Our Duke – 13/2 – Smugglers Stash – 5/1
Definitely Red – 5/1 – Stamp your Feet – 5/1 – Chester Street – 5/1

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