DG Tips 2017 Review

2017 Review – DG Tips

What a truly fantastic year of racing, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a year of racing as much as I did in 2017. Profit wise it was another cracker with around 232pts profit made, we finished with 9 out of 12 months in profit. We had some lows, but the highs far outweighed them and if anything, the lows made us stronger going forward. We finished the year with a total 190 winners alongside 211 places which is a great strike rate to take forward into this year.


We started the year disappointingly with a 3pt loss, nothing major but we always aspire to start the year well so I was disappointed by this. We had some good winners during the month including Zac Brown at 14-1 and Dadsintrouble at 8-1 but there were far too many losers in a poor month from myself.


A good steady month with 28pts profit made. This is always a good month for AW racing so it was nice to take away good profit from the month. Highlights include Lucky Louie at 12-1, Encapsulated at 9-1 and Suzi’s Connoisseur at 9-1. We had a nice number of winners in this month and we cut losses with quite a lot of places.


A big stumbling block for us over the last three years. Me and Cheltenham do not get on, the ante-post service let us down and I performed poorly throughout this month. We only had a handful of winners and Cheltenham was a big loss. We came away down by 17pts which isn’t good enough. Moving into this year we will take a different approach to CheltenhamI have decided to scrap the ante-post service and we will be taking a more limited approach to Cheltenham this year. Coming away from March in profit is the main aim and by taking this approach I believe we can make that happen.


A weird month, we came away evens for the month which was poor but we started strongly and finished strongly. The issue here came with over 20plus places during the middle of the month, over 85% of those were double figure odds and I came away feeling very unlucky during this month. Highlights included 3 winners on AW finals day, Brorocco at 8-1 and Invincible Ridge at 8-1.


May is always a fantastic month, The Chester May Festival was a major highlight this year. The quality on offer was great and the whole atmosphere was one to saver. We came away from the month with 24pts profit madeChester was a big success with 5 winners. We also had Yorkidding beaten a neck in the Chester Cup. Other highlights included Tee It Up Tommo at 16-1 and on one single day we managed 5 winners from 6 selections (Taurean Star 4-1, On Fire 11-4, Paddy A 11-2. Noble Gift 9-2 and Classic Pursuit 8-1.) I know quite a few members had some seriously profitable accumulators come in.


June was by far the most disappointing month for me. It has always been a profitable month for myself with Royal Ascot and some great flat racing on offer but for some reason this year things just didn’t go to plan. We had a big winner with Con Te Patiro at 25-1 but otherwise it was a very poor performance from myself. I went over this month continually after and since then I made a few changes which have been very rewarding for the rest of the year.


A steady month with 18pts made. Not our best month but also not our worst, profit is profit and it was nice to come away from this month making a good amount. Highlights this month included Glorious Artist at 18-1 and Lightning Charlie at 16-1.


By far my most enjoyable month and most profitableWe made a huge 69pts this month and that included large profit hauls at Glorious Goodwood and YorkGlorious Goodwood was my favourite week of the year, we went 11 tips making profit in a row including winners at 5-1, 13-8, 9-2, 3-1, 7-1, 9-2 and 7-1 and places at 9-1, 11-2, 8-1 and 7-1. At York we had Wells Farhh Go win at 16-1, Magic Circle at 5-1, Flaming Spear at 11-1, Marsha at 10-1, Secret Advisor at 10-1 and Eddystone Rock at 20-1. A fantastic month and one that showcases what we can achieve when things go our way.


This was another solid month with 16pts made. We had some really good days at Haydock and Chester this month with winners including Powerallied at 9-1, Hyperfocus at 6-1, Major Pusey at 5-1, Mayleaf Shine at 9-1 and Dan Troop at 3-1. We had a lot of big priced places during this month and it could easily have been a much better month than the profit suggests.


This was a great month with 30pts made. We had some really big winners this month, we also put up the ARC winner and had an incredible Champions day at Ascot with 4 winners including Librisa Breeze at 14-1. Other winners to note this month were Whosyourhousemate at 10-1, Grand Inquisitor at 10-1, Master Dancer at 10-1 and Syrian Pearl at 10-1. One feature of this month was an incredible place run where we went through a run of 15places from 28 selections. These included prices of 20-1, 12-1×3, 10-1, 9-1 and 8-1×2.


This was a special month for one reason, somehow we managed to put up the 1,2,3 in The Melbourne Cup. Long term members will know I always target the race and to get the 1,2,3 was very much a case of Christmas came early. It’s not often you watch a race and every horse you have put up starts great, gets a good position and then manages to get a clear run. I know a lot members had some very good returns from the tricast which was great to hear and see. We finished the month 23pts up and other highlights included Dangerous Ends at 12-1 and Fayez at 14-1.


December was another cracker with 46pts profit made. We have had a good December for the last 3 years and this year was no different. We had a weird month really where we seemed to operate in differentiating weeks. Week 1 we made great profit, week 2 we came away even, week 3 we made great profit and then week 4 we came away with a small loss. Highlights included Shyron at 12-1, Mutawathea at 9-1 and Swift Emperor at 16-1. This month could easily have been more with loads of big priced selections beaten short margins and a final week where we got no luck at all.

The plan for 2018 is to quite simply make it better than 2017. March and June need to be better but I do believe we have the right system in place now to make that happen. As always, we will be targeting mostly the AW racing until the flat season starts which is something I for one cannot wait for.

I will have a blog out early April highlighting some key names to look out for this flat season, I know it is a long way off but just giving you all a heads up. I flagged up Barney Roy at 40-1 for the Guineas last season so it is always worth a read.

I hope you enjoyed the year and a big Happy New Year to you all,

DG Tips




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