DG Tips – Betting Hell – Getting Banned By Bookies?

DG Tips – Betting Hell – Getting Banned By Bookies?



Being banned or limited by bookmakers, a few tips to help keep those accounts open for longer. 

If you are a successful long term punter then you are most likely to have experienced being banned by your bookmaker. I remember the first time it happened to me and it is somewhat flattering, fast forward another year and three more banned accounts it does become extremely frustrating. Horse Racing is a tough game as it is however being banned makes things twice as hard. You’ll have to take a cut on prices, you will have to move to the exchanges and you will undoubtedly find betting a tad more difficult.

It’s a question you get asked a lot as a tipster, how do I stop my accounts being banned? 

The truth is there is no real answer. If your tipster is doing well then you are doing well and if you are doing well then the likelihood of you getting banned becomes quite high. There is however some tips you can use to keep those accounts open for longer. The end result is most probably going to be the same but if you can extend your time using bookmaker’s accounts then it is ultimately going to be a plus.

1. Spread your bets while keeping them rounded

This is for me the most important tip I can give. As tipsters we are constantly telling clients to spread their bets. If your staking plan amounts up to £50 per pt then spreading that amount out with a few different bookmakers is ultimately going to keep attention away from you. There is however a key feature with spread betting that a lot of bookies monitor and that is percentage bets. For example a bet of £22.08 and then another bet at £11.18 is going to bring more attention upon you from bookmakers than rounded bets (£20.00, £10.00). It is a feature they look out for and if you don’t round your bets they are far more likely to take note and ban your account

2. Place outrageous accumulators 

Basically bookmakers love a mug, they love a customer chasing unrealistic money with an unrealistic bet. Act like a mug, throw in a few idiotic accumulators and they will ultimately want to keep you on side. Every Saturday I place an accumulator that includes horses at huge odds, football teams who have a strong likelihood of losing and maybe a golfer at 50-1. Dabbling into other sports is an area I will discuss later but including a variation in an accumulator gives the impression you are not a professional in one area. Bookmakers hate professionals and love a mug. Walk the line closely while still making a profit and you are far more likely to avoid being banned.

3. Dabble in other areas

As mentioned above dabble into other areas. If you are consistently making a profit in one area i.e. horse racing, then it is in your best interest to consistently bet on other sports. I’m a big fan of golf, football and boxing so putting a few bets on per week even if they win is going to take attention away from your horse racing profit in the long term. It isn’t going to totally mask it but it may just camouflage it for a bit.

4. Limit your withdrawals

This is a feature that has been long talked about. I’m in two minds about it if I’m honest; withdrawing money from your account shouldn’t bring any attention towards you. It’s your money so what’s the issue. But bookmakers have to pay some sort of charge so it is ultimately an annoyance to them if you always withdrawing money. The two do however go together; if you are always winning then you will always be withdrawing money. A catch 22 situation in reality, one thing you can do is withdraw money into a Paypal account as this comes with no charge for the bookmakers which will in essence please their financial brains.

5. Go in play just for a day

Bookies hate people who bet in-play but bare with me because going in-play now and again will give the impression that you are doing this for fun rather than as a professional. Most of time you will get a better price than the horse went off at and as a result it is sometimes a profitable tactic to use.

6. Use your head

A lot of people get carried away with winning money. I can’t blame them we all love making some extra cash and the more we can do that the better but be smart about it. If you are always winning then bookmakers will shut you down. Throw in some losing bets and switch to an account that hasn’t been doing all that well. Take as much attention away from the winning as you possibly can.



7. Avoid using free bet offers 

Free bet offers are promotion material for mug punters. If you are constantly exploiting these into winning slips then bookies will either stop sending offers to you or flag up your account as exploiting the system which will get you closed down very quickly.

8. Change your timing

I’ve left this until the end because it is a difficult feature to employ. I guess being able to predict how the market will move will undoubtedly make this feature easier, however the point is quite simply stop putting bets on at exactly the same time. If a tipster sends over selections at 7pm every night and you place your bets at 7.10pm every single night it is not only going to bring attention to you but also the tipster you use. If a tipster says this will come in for support then by all means take the price but if it’s an outsider that the price is most probably last a while on then wait until the next morning. Putting bets on at different times will appear as though the bets aren’t following a professional strategy.


DG Tips.

4 thoughts on “DG Tips – Betting Hell – Getting Banned By Bookies?

  1. All this should be stopped.
    Bookmakers should be forced to accept all bets up to minimum of an agreed amount.
    They must live up to their name and make a book!
    Failure to do this should be so strict that they have to comply.
    There are many issues of unfair treatment by bookies that should be addressed after this or alongside.

    1. Well said Ronnie, gone beyond a joke, if they can’t accept a bet they should not be allowed to offer odds, simple as that

  2. Hi DG Tips, will you start taking the above into account and therefore stop just listing the top price on offer with one bookie when you send out your tips? Given you’re a top tipster, most loyal followers like me whilst benefetting from your brilliance are also suffering from being banned from most bookies. I find it annoying when most weekends you tip these “skybet 6 places” e/ws for example, or a horse at 16/1 with bet365 but everywhere else is 12s. Just examples but it happens too often now, and obviously you proof your results to advised prices, which realistically i doubt most of your subscribers like me get nowhere near the points profit you suggest, simply because of banned bookies. All i ask is you consider taking a similar approach to other tipsters and advise a price using an average of minimum 3 bookies for example, seems a bit fairer then for everyone to get the price advised.

    This really is a small moan about a top tipping service, and just want to say thanks for the great tips, and for being one of the only genuine tipsters out there! Chris

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