Why I Became a Tipster?

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Why am I a Horse Racing Tipster? Personally there are two particular reasons why I do this job. They are in a way polar opposites and both carry similar weight in regards to answering this question.

No.1 – Success Stories. The one thing I love more than Horse Racing is making people money. It doesn’t always come off and when I go through losing runs I am as annoyed as anyone else but when it does and those slips start flying in there is nothing better. A guy messaged me the other day saying I’d paid for his holiday, another a new set of golf clubs. Its success stories like that which really make this job worthwhile.

No.2 – Proving people wrong. I’ve been told 5 times by your typical ‘twitter troll’ that I have lost the plot. 550+pts in profit and after a few bad days I’ve lost the plot, makes me laugh every time. Anyway moving on, of those 5 times 4 times I have smashed a huge winner the next day. 1st time it was a 20-1 winner, 2nd time it was a 33-1 winner, 3rd time it was a 16-1 winner, 4th time it was a 25-1 winner and the 5th time happened just last week. On Friday to be exact, leading up to that Friday I had had 8 2nds, 5 of which were beaten in photo finishes. Whether the comment was justified or not is up for interpretation. On Saturday I came out determined to prove this person wrong. I tipped up Dark Shot at 20-1, he came from last in the five furlong dash to be beaten just a nose on the line. Fine margins in this game but I remain determined to prove him wrong. (I wrote this last week and since then I have had three winners 6-1, 9-1, 15-8 and 4 places 5-1, 11-1, 9-2 and 11-2. It’s fair to say I’m on the right track).

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From a very young age, I just loved horse racing, it has continued to grow on me year after year. I was possibly OCD due to the fact in Primary School I was drawing pictures of race horses such as Dual champion hurdler Hardy Eustace, the beautiful grey Rooster Booster, one of the best Stayers around Baracouda and many more. I always grew up hoping one day I would be able to become a Tipster for a great company and prove to myself and others that I am capable of making profit and give out plenty of winners along the way. My teenage years I was making a good amount of cash from my bets and thought to myself why not give it my best shot and apply for a company that stands out above the rest. Amazingly, I passed my trial with flying colours and was offered the position here at Tipsters Empire. Since then I have not looked back and have achieved over 250 points profit in just under one year, many have given me positive feedback on achieving great winners and profit from most months in such a short space of time.

My highlights/best achievements so far include, producing a huge 28/1 winner (IMPROVED) who won in great style for members. On multiple occasions achieving 20 points profit on different days. Managing full house results a fair few times including, 3/3 winners on the 9th March 2017. One of my finest moments/achievement was at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, which I bagged 19 points profit on day 3, which included Willoughby Court (14/1) one of my favourite horses, showing true heart to win the opening race on day 3 (the commentary was brilliant). I can’t ever forget that day which was unbelievable in every way possible. Bagging so much profit and enjoying one of the best days in my life with the whole team. These are the privileges provided by James since becoming a tipster. Both himself and Maxi are top quality guys along with both Max (Snout) and Dave (DG) who I was glad to have all met, the bond between our team is strong.

Last but certainly not least, I managed to pull off my greatest ever achievement for members and the company, providing the 1st and 2nd in the Grand National 2017 with odds 16/1 on both tips out of 40 runners. I banged on all year long that was One for Arthur would win the Grand National and he won in great style which never looked in doubt, that memory will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

All in all, why I’m a Tipster is because my passion for Horses and racing is unexplainable and I want to help others by make them long term profit month in month out and help the company expand into the biggest it can ever get. As I say, I only have one year on my back currently but I can tell you that nothing will stop me from living the dream at Tipsters Empire. Anything is possible in life if you put 110% effort into what you want to achieve and luckily enough I was given the opportunity and so can anyone else who wants to become a Tipster if your heart is set on the dream job.

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