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  • Now is YOUR chance to shine with us - join our winning team if you have what it takes

Join Tipsters Empire and reap the benefits

This is a fantastic chance to become a Tipster with us. We will send you a Welcome Pack once registered and you will then send your selections to us for a period of 3 – 4 months to be proofed. If after this period your tipping has produced a tidy profit and you meet the requirements we are looking for, we will take you on board. If you would like to know more get in touch using the contact form below.

If your proofing period is successful, Tipster’s Empire will do all the marketing to find new members and manage your service. It is simple to get involved and start tipping us some winners. Tipster’s will then earn 40% of all sales on the service.

Using the contact form below we like you to:

  1. Introduce yourself and give us an insight into your racing background
  2. Your betting system (number of tips per day, stakes etc)
  3. An example tip (race meet, time, odds, horse, reasoning
  4. Why you believe you’ll succeed with us.

We ONLY want the best! The tipsters on site came out on top over 100 other tipsters and not just based on results. Good English, prompt communication and a will to win is all part of the package.

Good luck

To Apply please drop us an email at or