Tipsters Empire was set up in June 2015 and things have gone from strength to strength. Tipsters Empire is a Tipster Platform giving you the best tipsters the UK has to offer. We currently have 3 tipsters called DG Tips, Architect Tips and Speedbreed.

All results have been independently proofed so you know each tipster are the real deal and will consistently provide winning tips week in week out. All Tipsters have made big profits over a period of time. All results can be seen on the Results page.

Tipsters Empire

We decided to set up a tipster program to try and find the very best tipsters around. The program has attracted over 500 tipster trials who were to provide horse racing tips over a 3 month period. To test the knowledge of all tipsters a full write up on why they had chosen their tips had to come with each selection. It’s fair to say since we began trialing back in June 2015 we have stumbled across many chancers and blaggers! Back at the start I found around 10 tipsters who I believed had great horse racing knowledge and showed a small profit but were not showing the sort of profit needed to tip at the highest grade.

Going Live!

By September 2015 the website was good to go and we found 3 top class tipsters. Excellent tipping, thorough write-ups and top quality communication skills. It was all about the package for us. All our tipsters are hungry for success and over the trial spell they produced some excellent consistent profit. Feel free check out the results of DG Tips,  Architect Tips and Speedbreed on the results page.

Since going live we haven’t stopped there, and we will never stop looking for the best talent around. We have new trialists coming in every week – some good, some not so good. Since going live we’ve been happy to welcome The Snout who has unfortunately recently left Tipsters Empire, The Tower, CF Tips, Jumps Punter and The Eagle Eye to our team. Sadly they have since departed for various personal issues but it shows the door is always open. As we speak we continue to trial a number of tipsters in all kinds of sports who want to work with us, win and succeed at this game.

Since going live we have added Speedbreed to our armour and he is impressing week after week. We are always looking for new talent so everyone has a chance to follow in their footsteps!

You can see for yourself by joining our tipsters for just £1 via a 28 Day Trial!

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DG Tips

DG TIPS has made a habit of big winners, day after day. His reputation in the tipping game has increased hugely in his first year live with us. His method of picking a long odds winners is unrivalled. His ability is something you have to see to believe. You will hear claims all the time of “this tipster is the best in the business” – but we genuinely believe it with DG Tips and he now rated NUMBER ONE via Tipsters Review with over 190 reviews. Find out more and get signed up here.


Architect Tips

Architect Tips  joined the team in August 2016 – just after pulling off a brilliant 150/1+ TREBLE on August 8th! That wasn’t the sole reason for him standing out over the rest. His eagerness, consistency and ability to make long-term profit were added factors. That dream day simply nailed it home for us and we swooped! Learn more and get involved here.


Speedbreed is our newest tipster and joined the team in August 2017. He has already found a 28/1 winner, 16/1 winner and 12/1 winner, just to name a few. Speedbreed sailed through his trial and full deserved a place on the team. He uses analytical data from Speed figures and breeding as the name suggests. Visit his page here.